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Moistursing Anti-oxidant Serum

Pack & MRP: 15ml for Rs. 1200/-

Application/Use: Apply 2-3 drops daily morning & evening(5 days a week) for skincare or use as directed by the doctor

Regain Your Confidence

  • Brightens, Revives, Protects & Maintains facial skin

    Repairs photo-damaged skin
    Protects the skin from UV Damage
    Improves skin color, texture and retains youthfulness including peri-orbital region
    Works daily to keep oxida

  • Well tolerated on sensitive skin areas
  • Ideal as adjuvant and maintenance
  • Convenient to apply and quick to absorb
  • Airless dispenser ensures product stability
L-Ascorbic AcidRepairs and restores, photo-damaged skin texture and color. Protects and retains skin health. Gives lasting Brigtness.
Ferulic AcidReduces oxidative stress and lightens the skin
Grape Seed ExtractPhoto-protection and anti-inflammatory
GlutathioneAnti-oxidant and skin lilghtening effect
Hyaluronic Acid (Lyo)Keeps the skin moisturized, soft, supple and protected
Micro-emulsifiersRetains stability and improves bio-availability of Ascorbic acid to give fast and lasting effect
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