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Facial Cream (With Spf)

Pack & MRP: 30gm for Rs. 800/-

Application/Use:-Apply full face daily morning for skin care or use as directed by the doctor

Regain Your Confidence

  • Restores, Lightens and Brightens

    Evens skin tone and texture
    Corrects dark spots, blemishes & freckles
    Reduces fine lines, crows feet & puffy eyes
    Rejuvenates photo-damaged skin
    Ideal as adjuvant and maintenance

  • SPF helps to repair faster
  • Convenient application and quick absorption
  • Contents stable in airless dispenser
Ingredient Benefit
4 n Butyl Resorcinol Evens facial skin colour and clears dark spots
Alpha Arbutin Lightens skin colour
Azelaic Acid Clears acne scars, dark spots and suppresses inflammation
Morbus Alba Extract Brightens, lightens and reduces oxidative stress of the skin
Liquorice Skin lightening and photo-protection
Niacinamide Reduces hyperpigmented lesions on the surface
Retinol Derivative Restores and repairs photodamaged skin including periorbital area
Palmotyl Tetrapeptide Revives skin matrix texture including under eyes
Hyaluronic Acid (Lyo) Moisturizes from within and gives filmo-genic effect externally
Squalene Moisturises the epidermal layers and keeps them tender
Geraniol Anti-septic and gives user friendly natural fragrance
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