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Corpac Cleanser(Soap Free)

Three in One- Cleansing I Toning I Moisturising

Pack & MRP: 100gm Tube for for Rs. 430/-


Useful for Oily, Combination and Normal Skin
Corpac Cleanser(Soap Free)
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Ingredient Benefit
Charcoal Beads removes dead cells, extracts out impurities ,excess oil and microbes.
Cinnamon Extract removes dead cells, improves skin texture and tone
Tea Tree Oil reduces pain in acne and works as antiseptic for atopic skin
Lavender Oil A non-comedogenic antiseptic and soothing fragrance
Aloe Vera A natural moisturiser for all skin types with healing effect on inflammed skin
Lemon ExtractE helps improve acne prone skin with good pore firming effect post wash.
Green Apple Extract Improves skin tone
Glycolic Acid Removes dead cells and revives fresh skin
Salicylic Acid Displaces comedones and reduces pain
HEG Humectant